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THIS IS IT! You've Found Us!

"You guys are really the BEST!!", when our utmost respected patrons sing the praises.

Yes indeed, and well deserved.

In the world of automobile service and repair, it is filled with Angels and Demons.

The Principles that we adhere to, disciplined deployment of industry's best methods, help keep our customers away from any automotive abyss.

We are Honest.

We don't just spell Honor. We practice it. While too many others in our industry are hustling and bustling, trying to make a fortune, we simply wish to be fair and truly serve you well. In exchange of our diligent service, our customers enable us to make a living. We are always fully aware, and exclusively inform / implement the best cost / benefit ratio on our customers' behalf. This is perhaps the single best quality we act on, and very rare to encounter elsewhere. Most of our competitors apply the philosophical intention of Gordon Gekko.

We Just Want To Serve, You.

Fixing and maintaining cars are merely business objectives. To Be Of Service is spiritual, is a duty, is a merit, is blessing, is elevating. To Be Able To Serve, is almost God like. Our conduct is rendering with such Passion, because you are important to your family, and your car is important to you. You car falls under our ability and obligation to service.

We Are Exceptionally Competent.

HY Motors is resident to 8 ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certifications, and these Awards are only the beginning of our journey. Through the synergy of cutting-edge tools and technology, extraordinary minds and immense amount of experience under one roof, we solve complex car problems for lunch. We are proud to frequently repair vehicles that other shops just throw in the towel. If and when we hit a road block occasionally, 45 Ph.D. Level Car Doctors are ready to contribute within one hour.

Dear Friend, at this juncture, allow me to exclaim once more:

You Have Found Us!

You Have Found A Shop To Rely Upon.

No Disguised Attributes, But Intrinsic Value Of A Unique & Trustworthy Partnership.

You deserve the great service of HY Motors. We deserve an opportunity to work hard, to win your heart, to earn your trust.

We Are HY MOTORS: Your Unequivocal Source of Automotive Excellence.

Now, you have found us.